Dominus Illuminatio Mea (God is my Light) ― Psalm 27


God is a thought form and a belief system, not a religion.  Religion means dogmatic rules (strict practice, rituals, etc).

Simply put, theism and Atheism deals with belief whereas agnosticism deals with the absence of knowledge, taking comfort with the Wittgensteinian position: "That which we cannot speak we should keep silent".

Christian 'dogma' tells us to "Love God with all your heart, soul and mind".   Verbally, that's the second reply on God.  In all actuality, knowing God spiritually takes about 20, about twenty years.  Twenty years of really researching and laboring over it brings one to a Gnostic understanding of God, where Gnostic belief means 'seeking truth'.

We always were in the mind of God as exact thought forms.  “Alwaysness” is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. It is helpful to think of the circle - always was.  If God had one day thought of you, then God is imperfect and that cannot be possible.  God is all perfect, all knowing, all loving, and not evil.

In the ‘beginning’ we were pure reason and had not experience emotion - not bitten from the ‘fruit of knowledge’.  Without emotion we cannot live, we cannot experience.  So to perfect we separated from the Divine, the giant intellect, to experience the emotions of suffering and joy. Eve was just the symbol of emotion.  She had to give the ‘apple’ to intellect, because intellect by itself can do nothing.

Asking where our thoughts come from leads us to inquire on of the Sources of Knowledge and Spiritual Discovery.

Ordinary thoughts cannot contact God. This explains why past attempts to reach higher help have failed. Usual thought is filled with egotism, which blocks contact. We don't want the ego to disappear - we want it to open to divine guidance so the two may work together in alignment. 

Contact comes with a sincere and persistent request for contact. It is like a man in a national park who wants to cross to the other side of a wide river but sees no bridge. He asks a park ranger, who shows him the bridge.  Have an attitude that requests help. You will be shown the bridge to a brighter land.

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