Ski the GS

GS Trail Map

Ski the GS Terrain
Spiritualism is a way of life.  It combines philosophy, science and religion.  It covers a very wide field and therefore one cannot expect to understand it without a certain amount of study – just like snow skiing or boarding.  You can't ski on the diamond runs after one day of lessons.  It takes time and dedication to ski 'pretty' on the tough stuff.

To make the learning experience enjoyable and accessible, the reader is given the option of learning by ‘skiing’ the GS mountains. Like a ski resort, the GS terrain has its ‘Main Lodge’ and its key mountain peaks (Beauty, Truth, Goodness, Harmony).  The key runs, represented by angels or the patrons, are blue.  Supporting runs are black.

It is suggested to start at the Main Lodge.  At first read only the main text and postpone reading the hyper-link text.  Start with the 'Truth' Mountain and 'ski' (read) all the runs.  Before skiing the peaks 'Beauty' and 'Goodness', it is recommended to ski 'Bridge to Beauty' and 'Bridge to Religion'.   Happy trails.

The Golden Seat
The Golden Seat is a gift to yourself.  To remember why we are here, on this planet.  To remember the feelings of goodness and strength and not to negate oneself or misunderstand one’s mission – of what you really subconsciously knew.  Not only the importance of Spirituality but also the importance of the divine sovereign individual above all else.

Golden Seat is about Worldly-things and Spiritual-things and having a balanced worldview of the both.  It’s about loving yourself, the God within and the God without.  It’s about knowledge (removing ignorance), seeking one’s truth and hopefully finding a Universal Truth.  The Golden Seat is a Kingdom of Consciousness.

Love Yourself
The only injustice you can do to yourself is by not loving yourself enough. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anybody else, cannot care about anybody else and will not care about anybody else.  All love is really the search for self-love which ultimately learns that true human self-hood is divine.

Spirituality is not about liking and caring for every single person.  There is something wrong with your personality if you try to do that.  You are not a whole person.  A whole person has decided likes and dislikes, paths in which they follow, paths in which they will not follow.  Spirituality is about doing one’s best to love another’s soul and wish them the best.  You certainly do not have to like them or their acts.  To stay around a person that you intensely dislike is wrong.  It causes, guilt, heartache and stunts your spiritual growth.

The Guarantee
Life is not a guarantee that everything would be fair, not have failure, or that everything would be equal.  There is a guarantee, not necessarily that you will find inner peace, but inner happiness.  Happiness comes from the conviction of knowing you are doing the right thing regardless what others say.

TOM - The Twin