Father-Mother God Principle

The Spirit contains within Itself the Life Principle of both the masculine and feminine (alpha-omega). It is both combined in One.

Nearly everything in nature exhibits a dual nature, most notably in the pairing of male/female.  The ‘Mother-Father’ God principle extends this pattern to the Most High, to God

Why would a single, male god make everything in creation as a paired male/female?  It is much more sensible that God’s creation mirrors Their own image, both male and female.  Even the Bible supports a female counterpart to God:

“Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves…”  (Genesis 1:26)

The Golden Seat takes the stand that that all of creation is the work of both a male and a female God.  While God the Father holds creation in a constant state of being, God the Mother actively works with us and through us to learning and perfection. 

Father and Mother God always were.  In other words, no beginning and no end.  No beginning is always more difficult to comprehend than no end because in your finite lifetime you have beginnings and you do not want to think that there is an end.

So you ask, “When did it all begin?”  Did it begin with the Big Bang or simply at some incipient moment in time?  No!  Everything within this life or on the Other Side (Heaven) makes circles.  Everything is infinite.  And infinite means “without end or without any sharp edges to it”.  The magnitude of Creation is far beyond most finite minds’ wildest dreams or concepts.  So it’s “always were”.

Father God
God the Father known as the Prima Mobilae (Unmoved Mover), is the Uncreated Force that has always been with us that has the male persona; has pure intellect. The 'non-personal' God.  It is not just a force, not just a feeling.  It is not nebulous.  Father God, cannot and will not interfere in our life, yet His love is constant, all encompassing.  He is constantly channeling knowledge.  God the Father is patriarchal and male.  And He is pure maleness, not only in disposition but patriarchal rule.  But there is feeling within Father God for He is intimately aware of the knowledge we send back to Him:  our feelings, emotions, pains, hurts, and all of the other millions and millions of derivatives and faces of emotion.

Mother God
Mother God is the co-creator to the all-loving Father god.  She is the counterpart, the emotional part. The 'personal' God.  Within the intellect of God the Father, there is emotion.  It’s just diminished.  In Mother God the emotion is stronger and intellect is diminished. Intellect is nothing but a storehouse, like a library.

The Mother God goes by many names: Azna, Theo, Theodora, Sophie, Isis. The Church’s answer to the Mother God was the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Regardless of what name you call Her, She will not enter or interfere unless She is called on. And when you come together to honor Her, you loosen Her chains.  She becomes empowered. Feminine Principle to bring peace in the world becomes empowered.

Mother God is the feeling, sensing Mother.  She listens to petitions.  She will intercept and move things around, where He does not necessarily want to nor cannot.  Why should he, if He has the part of Himself, which is Her, to activate upon it?  The male mind works more from a linear base.  She works from more of the emotion.  She is more interfering than the Son (Father God).

If linear intelligence rules, it becomes cruel, slicing, and without any caring.  Intelligence speaks truth.  Let truth have the nurturing, loving, caring and drop all the ritualistic fear.  What does a Mother do?  She interferes!  She makes right!  She harmonizes!  She gives meals; she washes; she dries tears; and she communicates to people to make her home alright.  The male part cannot interfere.  This is a static, constant, unchanging, unbending principle.  He is the Prima Mobilae.  The Unmoved Mover.  But emotion, which is the Mother God, can move, can nurture, can love, can even alter your chart, but can soften and make well.

The Feminine Principle
The Bible started out as debasing the female from the very beginning.  A patriarchal side of God is intellect, but has little feeling.  The feminine principle, even from the Book of Genesis, gives Eve right away the evil connotation of the one that led Adam astray.  This sets the tempo that anything that has to do with feminine was bad.  The writers of the Bible made it that a woman was unclean.  She was to be put out to the meadow because of her menstruation period.  She was thought to be foul, and it began to be that anything that was feminine was lesser.

During the Inquisition, who did they put to death?  Mainly the females, because they declared that females were the witches.  They were the one that had intercourse with the devil.  Can you imagine what kind of idiocy, what kind of mental midgets would have thought such an idiotic thing?  We are still living in an ignorant age of darkness.  People still believe that you have to go through Christ to get to God.  What did people do before Christ was around?  They could not go to God?  Did God say I am not going to listen to you until Christ comes?  This is not a matter of faith, this is idiocy.  This is ignorant.  This is stupidity.  And you will be the ones to bring the Light to people.  Mother God will bless you.  She knows who Her soldiers are.

Early Gnostics were put to death because they believed in the feminine principle.  By then it was a very dominated male society.  Christ being a very masculine male, wanted so much to bring about this soft, caring, nurturing consciousness which is the feminine principle.  No one heard when he said from the cross, “Mother behold thy son.”  He was speaking to Mother God.

December 8th is Mother God's Feast Day (or Azna’s, Sophie's, which ever you like).  The churches borrowed that for Mary’s Feast Day.  Feast Day means a day in which you honor the God.  The only reason why there is any homage paid on a certain feast day is because it brings power to you (the 'God' or spark of the divine within you).

For at least 20,000 years Mother-God worship, loving and caring was apparent.  Only in the last 2,000 years has there been a patriarchal rule.  There has been nothing but chaos.  When Dogma, fear, guilt is set down, there is chaos.

When it has been said that you are made in the image and likeness of God, you are.  Some of you are made in the image and likeness of Mother God (Azna) and the rest of you are made in the image and likeness of Father God (O.M.).  You are a shard of the Divine.  And conglomerately, you make up the feminine side of O.M.  In His aloneness, and His unselfishness, He created all of these splinterings or shards of creation to be the other part of Him to experience.

Mother God has a male & female counterpart within Herself and so does Father God within himself.
Men must awaken the Feminine Principle within themselves and the same as in every woman, she must awaken the intellect.