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To get a pulse on the general public regarding Gnosticism, the author posed the question to Yahoo Answers, "What's the best definition of Gnostic Christianity? 

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"Believe in Christianity without Paul and without physical matter".

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"It means you're Christian and you KNOW there is a God. Agnostic Christians believe in God but acknowledge that they don't KNOW for sure that there is a God".

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"Gnosticism = Satanism".
"God is 100% light. In Him there is no darkness, says John".

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"If you think you've found the highest manifestation of God, you probably haven't"

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"A variety of Christianity which values a life based on the life of Jesus/Joshua, and values most of all the seeking of "Sophia" (Wisdom)--as with mystical experience--and cares not a whit about Pauline dogma and alll the junk about mankind being sinful and lost".

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"While I'm sure that there is a good online definition to be found somewhere, I'm going to take a stab at this without looking first--and this might make me end up looking foolish. As I've understood it, Gnosticism appeared as Christianity became more Hellenized in the Ancient World, and in their love for discussion and dispute, the Ancient Greeks introduced the idea of salvation by "gnosis", that is knowledge. There were Gnostic gospels in circulation that more or less taught a "secret knowledge" about how to obtain salvation. This secret knowledge took the place of a simple faith and the grace necessary for salvation. The "Gospel of Thomas" is allegedly a Gnostic scripture".

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"Early true Jesus follower, which could contradict Pauline Christianity".