MUSIC  (780)

In The Golden Seat, on the right, is the Patron of Music.

Music’s nature is an auditory self-expression of one’s feelings, thoughts and observations.  The sound to Art’s sight. 

The word originates from Greek, mousike, "art of the Muses".

In any culture in the world, everyone responds to music.  Adults, children, animals, plants, everything alive responds to music.  Music’s melody and harmony stimulates our emotions, while its verse can affect our thoughts, beliefs or ideas.  Its purpose is not solely for pleasure or entertainment, for music’s voices and rhythms can have special healing and spiritual qualities.  Whether we listen to Classical or Country, Big Band or Ballroom, Rock or Reggie, our souls really lift upon the wings of music.  Music is something that answers to the soul.  It can negate or neutralize the pain.  And high artistic merit is often not required to heal.   Even a simple pentatonic progression, with emotion, can have a calming, healing effect.