False Ego

“Up in the sterilized room where they let you be lazy.
Knowing your attitude’s all wrong and you gotta change and that’s not easy.
Dragon shining with all values known.
Dazzling you, keeping you from your own.
Where is the lion in you to defy him when you’re this weak and this spacy?

So what are you going to do about it?
You can’t live life and you can’t leave it.
Advise and religion you can’t take it, you can’t seem to believe it.”
     'Troubled Child', Joni Mitchell

Journey of the Soul (Book 4 – Soul’s Perfection), discusses the false ego:

The True “I Am”
When we come into human life, we are always so obsessed with, “Have I live enough?”  Will I die, and not complete?”  We have so much in reverse!  The fear of coming into life is what is so overwhelming!  Once we get here, it is like we get the bends; we lose our senses; we get too much “nitrogen in our blood,” so to speak; we go goofy!  We forget that we can decompress, and go back to Home in all full faculty.

The ego, not the true “I am” is the part that tenaciously hangs onto the vehicle that is the physical body.  It tenaciously wants, need, demands. It is the “child within” you that is always whining and crying.  Instead of nurturing that ego, that false ego, kill it off!  What rises out of that is a Brilliant Light that shines outward instead of inward.  The false ego constantly has to be fed, and it becomes a dragon.  That dragon turns everything dark.  It is insatiable.  Say, “I will kill this crying voice off!”  Out of that will come the “True Me!”

It is not wrong, but the one cry of most human beings is that they want someone in their life!  There is always in a human being a need for partnership so many times.  We always think of partnerships as being the opposite sex or another body with us.  The truest partnership that you will ever have is the other side of yourself back Home – your soul-mate.  Your soul-mate is on the Other Side.  

When you are busy, caring, loving and working towards a vision outside yourself, you do not have time for that ego voice.  Real hurt comes from the ego that does not really want to be killed off.  You can slay that “child within” with a Golden Sword.  They have called it every name in psychology.

Don’t fall into the trap of “Nurture that ‘child within.’ “ You are feeding a ravenous baby!  That baby is never going to shut up.  It is never going to grow up.  Strangle it off!  Out of that “killing”, the greatest healing in the world comes.  That is the Brightest Light of the Christ Consciousness.