The second angel of the Daughters of Art’ is ‘Color’. The ‘Color’ Angel is a significant personification for she represents the seven spiritual color rays that emerge from white light: three primary colors, (1-red, 3-yellow, 5-blue) and four secondary colors (2-orange, 4-green, 6-indigo, 7-violet).  The primary colors, the ‘trinity’, correspond with the three basic elements - hydrogen (red), carbon (yellow) and oxygen (blue).  The three-fold power of the Primary Colors make a direct energy link to our physical (red), mental (yellow) and spiritual (blue) nature. These color principles are found in The Golden Seat:  the old man representing SCIENCE is clothed in yellow (mental) and the young man in the foreground of RELIGION wears blue (spiritual). 

The seven colors are spiritual for the number seven has a spiritual theme: seven is a ‘Virgin’ number (no number less than seven divides into it); the Lord rested on the ‘7th day’; there are seven musical notes in a scale.  It is interesting to note that the major (harmonizing) chord consists of the first, third and fifth notes of a musical scale (primary colors are Major Chords!).

Emotionally we respond to colors and it is the ‘rainbow of colors’ that allows us to sensate emotions and feelings in art.  And ethnicities can effect color perception.  For example, in America the color red signifies danger and emergency, whereas in China it connotes courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility and happiness.

When wearing colors be careful with red.  Red is angry.  In wintertime wearing red is very good, especially in nightwear because it stimulates circulation.  It stimulates passion and the adrenal glands.  Accidents will occur more rapidly with the color red.  People in black are far more approachable because there is no color to reflect.  If you are going on an interview or something in which you want people to respond to you, wear the colors of black, gray or the off-color maroon.  Black is the color of humility.  That is why ministers wear black.  When you are feeling down, wear gold or violet/purple.  When really in doubt, wear black.  You do not want to wear too much blue unless you, literally, want to put yourself in a blue frame of mind.  Blue is the lofty color.  Green and some shade of green, such as, aquamarine, are very growing and alive colors.  Plain colors are better than multi-colors.  Multi-colors can often, for yourself and others, can be mind-tiring.  It becomes a kaleidoscope effect.